2012 TOU

Terms of Use

For Scrap Kits, Templates, and Commerical Use Items
Moo's Scrap Designs aka Joni Vickers

All graphics are Copyrighted by Joan Vickers.

By purchasing and/or downloading these graphics you are obtaining a "license to use" these products in agreement with the terms stated below:

Scrap Kits and PU Templates:

You may:

Make one copy for backup purposes.
Alter Content by changing the size, color, adding to or deleting.
Use in your layouts that are submitted to scrapbooking and/or related magazines and web sites or publications
as long as proper credit is given to Moo's Scrap Design or JoniV and include a link back to http://mooscrapworld.blogspot.com/.
Print as hardcopy to be used in your personal scrapbooking projects.

Use for personal use or Scrap for Hire endeavors only.

You may not:

Redistribute these graphics in part or whole in any form, either digitally, through a file sharing method or by email distribution.

You may not claim credit for anything as your own.
Use these graphics for web templates or website graphics unless prior permission is obtained.

Commerical Use items:
No Credit Required but is appreciated.
You may:
You MAY use this product in part or whole to create layouts for scrapbooking, online galleries, and contests.
You MAY create papers/elements to create kits & sell as PU digital scrapbook kits, no need to merge or change
if including in a complete kit for sale. 

You may not:
You may NOT make or use to create other CU products for sale. 
If you like the option to use my product to make other CU products, you can purchase my cu4cu lifetime license
available at my store.
You MAY NOT redistribute this product "as is", in any way, you may NOT give this product in it's original form as a freebie,
If creating a freebie, please merge with something else to make it a completely unique product, this only applies to freebies.
NO distribution via cd/dvd, graphic collections, email, and group or website links.

Commerical Use For Commerical Use items:
No Credit Required but appreciated
From time to time I will offer CU4CU items in my store. These items can be used to create other CU products. 
You must purchase a Lifetime CU4CU license from my store if you choose to use my CU items other than
items listed as CU4CU for this purpose.
I only ask that you not re-distribute as originally packaged.
I is not responsible to you for any loss and/or damages as a result of the use of this product.

Questions? Contact me at


I'd love to see any work you do using my products. If you use anything I've made in a layout, email me a link or pic of it.

Thank you.

Joni Vickers

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