Sunday, August 16, 2009

Believe in the Magic

I've got two more LO's to share with you guys. They are from DeDe Smith's Believe in the Magic kit and of course I had to scrap some more Disney's pics with them. Hope you like.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CT Layouts with Happily Ever AfterZ Wishes Of The Heart

My second kit for CT duties at Digitals this month was Happily Ever AfterZ Wishes of the Heart. DeDe is really outdoing herself with these Happily Ever AfterZ kits. They are awesome and perfect for any little Princess or Prince. You really need to check out this kit and all DeDe's other kits in this collection in her store at Digitals or at her blog.

I did three layouts with this kit. The first one is called Our Cinderella and is of my DD when she was 6 as Little Miss Georgia Forestry Queen. The second on is called Princess and is of my DD at 4 or 5 getting ready to compete in a talent contest. This layout was done as part of Digitals' Sketchy Details Challenge. The last one is called Cinderella's Castle and features my DD this past April standing in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World.

I'm On DeDe Smith's TearZ Crew

I'm so excited. While I was lucky enough to get to be DeDe Smith's CT this month at Digitals, I also submitted a few layouts in hopes of becoming a new CT member for DeDe Smith. Boy was I surprised to see the email in my box today saying I was one of 7 chosen out of 32 who applied. I can't wait to get my new blinkie up on my blog and in my siggies.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CT Layouts for DeDe Smith

This month at Digitals I was assigned to scrap for DeDe Smith. I was so excited as I have loved DeDe's work for a long time. I'm especially a big fan of her new collection Happily Ever AfterZ. I love Disney and these kits go along with the Disney animated movies. Add to that DeDe is having a CT call right now and I'm crossing my fingers that I will get to work with her on a more regular basis. It would be a dream assignment for me but either way, I get to work with an awesome designer this month.

The first kit I scrapped for her was Neverland - needless to say it's one of my favorite. I'm a big kid at heart and idea of never growing up has always intrigued me. Well maybe I would like to be an adult, just stuck in my twenties, with a great body, perfect health, no aches and pains - you get it.

You can find Neverland along with the rest of DeDe's kits at Digitals or at her blog. She also sells her designs at, Divine Digitals, iScrapbook and ScrapWow and in her blog store.

You can also find larger pics of my LO's in my main gallery at Digitals, along with most of my other galleries.

So without any more delays, here's my layouts.
The first LO is called Disney 09. The pics are of my DD with several of the Pixies at Disney's new Pixie Hollow at Disney.
The 2nd LO is called Tink and is of my DD with Tinkerbell, her favorite Disney charactor.
The 3rd is entitled "Mommy, Why Can't I Fly". My GS isn't quiet old enought to sit through an entire movie yet but he did manage to sit through most of Peter Pan when I dragged the old VCR out to watch it with him the other day. He just couldn't understand why Pan could fly but he couldn't. When we told him you had to have Pixie Dust, he wanted us to get him some.
The 4th LO is called "I Won't Grow Up." When I got this kit those words keep running through my mind. The best part of growing up for me was having my daughter and now my grandson. But oh how I wish I could keep him just like he is now forever with the exception of being potty trained of course. I don't know how he feels about this but I'm sure he would go along with is Moo on it.
The last LO is called Neverland and features my GS sleeping below Peter, Tink and the Darling children as they fly off to Neverland. Maybe he is dreaming of going to Neverland on an adventure of his own.
I have also chosen DeDe's A Wishes Of The Heart, which features Cinderella and Believe in Magic Kit which is a basic Disney kit with BearZ
in Mouse ears. I will post these later this month.
As for the freebie I promised. I've finally got all my files back loaded on my computer from Carbonite and will load the kit in the next day or two. It's one of my best kits yet and I can't wait to share it with you.
This computer crash has made me oh so thankful that I subscribed to Carbonite a few months back. I want to encourage you to subscribe to Carbonite or a similar online backup site. We all know that it's not if our computer will crash but when and this way all your precious pictures, layouts, important documents and files will be safe.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

CT Layouts for July

Hi all. Well July is over and I'm just getting these posted. It's been one heck of a month and has ended on a pretty bad note. My Computer crashed earlier this week. Thank God, my files were saved on Carbonite. But getting it back up and running was still a big pain. I started the month with a Photo Editing class and I've got to load the rest of my projects up for you guys to see too. Hopefully I will be able to do that in a few days. I've also got a great kit for you guys coming. It was part of the Elegance Convoy with Twisted Convoys but with all the computer problems I don't know if I will have it back by the time I need to go live with it. Hopefully I will be able to participate but either way, YOU WILL GET A NEW FREEBIE.

Now to the reason for the post. This month I worked with Heather Watson at Digitals. Her kits are great. I used Birthday Blast to scrap my GS' 2nd Birthday and Guitar Star Page Kit for a couple of fun pics. Both kits are great and ones you must go over there and snag for yourself.

Hope you like.