Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Layout and Sunday Freebie

Downloaded a pics from camera today and as promised here's a layout with a few pics of their cookie celebration at their dance competition. This is page one of a two page spread I'm making. I made this layout with the Sunday Freebie I'm posting at the end.

This page was made with the November Member's kit Treasured Time from the Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild. You can find the kit here . Papers and elements were made by Debb Cozzi, an awesome designer.

I'm hoping to be able to post one template a week on Sundays and at least one page kit each month. I'm hoping that as I get more into designing I will be able to put up more kits for you. I'm also designing one member's kit and some quick pages each month at RAK Scraps. These you will have to pick up at their site due to their rules but they are free if to members (free membership too). I will post a preview on my site when these are done each month along with a link to their site. Now for what you've all been waiting for.

Download zip file at

Hope you like and please leave a comment if you download it.

Happy Thanksgiving

I know that I'm a little late but I've been so busy this week. First, we went to Orlando for a Dance Competition last weekend. It was great and can't wait to post some pics of it. I'm also working on a template freebie that I will most likely post tomorrow. I've been working on tons of challenges at Digitals and have started a Christmas mini kit freebie that I will post in December. Thanksgiving was great. My parents, daughter, SIL, and grandson were here. I've had my grandson since then until today so not much scrapping got done until today. So here's what I've been working on today. Like so many of you this month, I have so many things to be thankful for. So this month's challenge left me struggling for exactly what pics to use. Then the idea came to me to do an ATC tag for the Scripture Challenge this month at Digitals. Something I could use later on a layout, add to a card, gift, etc. Credits are Katie Mann's Give Thanks Mini.

For Sharon's All in the Family Challenge I did a heritage page of my parents. This pic was made last year before my mom found out she has cancer but she is such a trooper, insisting on cooking the Thanksgiving turkey this year and helping in anyway she could. All the items from this page come from Sharon and are freebies when you do her challenge. Check it out

My last page for the day is a page for my grandson's album. Since I didn't start when he was born I'm scrapping now and then. This is for his Ultrasound page. I used Diana Burton's Moody Blues kit for it. Get it here The word art is a freebie from Kathryn Estry when you do her It's Only Words Challenge at Digitals. You will find her challenge here . Pretty good work for one afternoon. Hope you like and check back tomorrow for a freebie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some Week So Far

OMG, this week has been something else. It started Sunday when my daughter had an Open Dress Rehearsal for her dance competition team. This is something special because it's the first time anyone outside of the company gets to see their dances. On the way to the PAC, we stopped to get extra batteries for the camera. You can't ever be too careful and the batteries were getting weak so we pop in the new and good to go. We get there and I'm all set up, Video Camera on the tripod, camera in hand. I turn on the camera and nothing happens. I take the batteries out turn them over, still nothing. I work on it for a few minutes and still nothing. Oh well now no great pics to share. Video is working so when I get time I can go frame by frame and get pics from that but I wanted instant pics to share. Well, I pushed that aside and ended up having a great day. Their dances looked awesome and I'm pumped for this weekend in Orlando.

Then on the way home I started feeling a little bad. Stomach hurting but I'm not going to let that get me down. Pop some Pepto and away we go. Monday, my stomach was still weak but off to work. Gosh it was freezing, over night the temperature here dropped 40 degrees. By the end of the day I've got the sniffles but still going. Tuesday my throat is hurting every time I swallow, Wednesday, I'm sick, bad cold, throat swollen almost shut, ear ache, body ache, hummm sounds like the flu to me. And I'm still going to Orlando this weekend.

As for scrapping I haven't felt much like doing much this week. I did work on a couple of Digital challenges and I'm working on a RAKscraps member's mega kit RAK on their site. I'm just learning the ins and outs of designing but I will be glad to share what I make when it's finished. Although it's a freebie, I can't give it away on my blog but I can give you the link to their site and you can get it there along with the QP's once they are posted. Please let me know what you think of my work.

Here's the layouts I've done at Digitals this week. You can see all my stuff at

This layout is of Bryce and his mom at beach at 6 weeks of age. I made this layout for the Ad challenge. You can find the challenge here along with the great posting gift you will receive when your finish. I used The Gift of Love by Handmaid Designs from Digitals. This was a posting gift and is currently unavailable for purchase.
This was made the Change it up Challenge, a Hybrid challenge. The layout is for the cover of one of those date planners you can buy for about a $1 most places and with this cover it's a great Christmas present. You can find the challenge here,
along with the template and posting gift. Get busy on your own. Here I used the DSD mini kit given out by Amanda Thorderson on her blog. I just love her work and she gives away tons of freebies too. You need to check her out.

This layout came courtesy of Kathryn Estry A-Ark QB with the Monkey Girl element from the BBB4 blog train. Add a pic of my cute baby boy and you get a great layout. Here's Kathryn's blog and here's were to get the QP

This page was really fun to make. I used color fills for the background and frames. The Pep Rally Font from the Font Free 4 All Challenge at Digitals. Add some pics and viola, a great sports page of my daughter a few years back.

And finally a simple layout of Bryce for the Designer Elements Challenge. Here you get a free mini kit for the layout. Pop in a pic pic of Bryce at the beach (I love his eyes) and you have it. This was made with Katie Mann's Memories mini kit.
Hope you like these shares. Leave me a comment. I love to hear from you guys.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here I Am

Hi all,

I've thought about starting this blog for a while now and have finally decided to jump in to it. I've done My Space and Cafe Mom in the past, so this shouldn't be that much different. I'm a mother to a beautiful daughter and grandmother to a great little boy. He calls me Moo, so the blogs named for him. I work by day as the editor of a small local newspaper and at night I scrap and scrap and scrap. I love scraping my family and found digital scrapping to be my therapy. I'm just getting into designing so you guys will be my Guinea pigs. But for now I'm just going to put up a few of my latest layouts. Let me know what you think.

I've been playing around with backgrounds recently. Taking pics and using different blending modes and textures to make awesome backgrounds. I made this one yesterday for Katherine Estry's Digitals He said, She said challenge. You can find it in my gallery there by clicking on .

Credits for Christmas page go to Beth Rimmer's Fruitcake Therapy kit available at Digitals.