Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and please add me to the greeting above. (Credit's go to Nini's Notions - You can find her kits at Digitals.) It's one I made for my daughter, son-in-law and grandson to send out this year. As usual I've been so busy scrapping for others that I haven't gotten around to doing any cards for myself.

Christmas this year has been different. Usually I've got tons of gifts, tons of sweets & candies, and tons of traditions. We normally have a tree trimming party, a cookie party, big Christmas Eve get together with extended family, Christmas morning with Santa, Christmas Brunch and Christmas Supper with immediate family. This year the tree trimming party was abbreviated. Since Bryce is at the age where he can't resist pulling the ornaments off the tree, I only put up one tree with only shatterproof ornaments on it - it looks pretty sad compared to Christmas past but the old stuff will come out when he is older. No cookie party either - Bryce is too young to enjoy it and I simply couldn't mustard the energy for the mess it makes. As Christmas Eve was out this year. My mom and Uncle are fighting cancer and although they are doing really good, it's not good for them to be around a lot of people. One cousin had call at the hospital and most have little ones now of their own and it's just easier for them to be home with them on Christmas Eve. I miss this get together but hopefully we will find a way to renew it next year - maybe on another night. Christmas morning is still on - of course - but Brunch will be replaced with a pancake breakfast - much easier to cook.

I've also replaced the tons of gifts with one or two that are really wanted or needed. My grandson will still get lots of stuff but I'm really feeling a need to focus more on the reason for the season than the commercial aspect of the season. I mean we are celebrating CHRISTmas - the birth of Jesus. God's only son sent to Earth in the form of a human baby so that He would be the perfect sacrifice for our sins so that we would not be doomed to Hell's fire but could be forgiven of our sins and life forever in Heaven with out Lord. Amen.
It is my sincere wish that all of you enjoy a wonderful Christmas season, are surrounded by your loved ones, and enjoy a year full of health and happiness. I have also left you a Christmas gift of a QP from my newest kit.

Download QP here:
You can get the kit this QP came from by following this link to RAKScraps and downloading it from their site. The Kit is free but since it is part of their Member's Mega Kit, they ask that you only download it through their site. There are tons of other freebie kits there too. So enjoy.

Link to RAKScraps download site:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I just gotta Brag

My Very Merry Christmas QP was just awarded the Layout of the Day at Digitals. I'm so excited.

Here's a Sunday QP for you

What started off as a template ended up a QP for you. Whenever I start off a template, I go ahead and scrap the page for myself to see if I like the end result. Well since I was using only my kit to scrap it with and I liked the end result I decided to give it as a QP instead of just a template. So here it is.

This page was made with the help of The Scrappin Cop (some elements). Her link in on the side. My inspiration for this page was our Tree Trimming Party last weekend. Hope you like it and as always leave some love.

Download Expired

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas Kit is HERE!!!

It's here. After a couple of weeks of work it's here and bigger than I ever thought it would be. 22 papers, a full Alpha, 12 ribbons, 4 bows, snowflakes, ornaments, stickers, Santa, reindeer, nutcracker, and so much more. Preview only show a small portion of what you get. Hope you like. It's only my second kit and first one that is this big. Please if you download let me know what you think of it, suggestion of ways to make it better, anything at all. I'm sharing these because so many of my scrapbooking friends have shared their work with me and felt this is a way of giving back the love.

This is a pretty big file so I've broke it down to three downloads to hopefully speed it up for you. Here's the papers :


Monday, December 8, 2008

New Freebie For You

Gosh this week has be cram packed. Christmas shopping (Yes I did just start), working on Christmas kit, Christmas Concert at daughter's school, work, Santa pictures, Christmas Tree decorating party and just doing all the things being a mom and grandmother incur. How did my mom do it all? My Christmas mini kit has turned into a mega kit. I got to working on it Thursday night and before I knew it was 3AM and I had made 20+ pages and several elements including a full alpha. Every time I get on my computer I think of another paper or element or word art I want to include. I'm not sure yet if everything I made will go into the kit as I want to make sure it's top quality but we will see as things come together more. I'm having so much fun with this. I made a template for you again this week, along with a preview from with products from the kit that I will be posting next Sunday. All this designing is making it hard for me to focus on my own scrapping so it will definitely be only one kit a month and more than likely not as much as this month. Christmas is just my favorite time of the year. It makes me feel like a kid again. I love it.

Here's the previews with the link to the freebie to template to follow. Thanks go out to The Scrappin Cop for her tip on how to make striped paper. She is a Godsend and I can't wait for you see the kit. I've also included a file with the png layers in it for those of you who can't use a psd.

Here's the link:

Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave some love if you like it.