Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Much has Happened

since my last post. My mom lost her battle with cancer and my life has been running on high speed since then as I am the one responsible for her estate. This entailed much more than I had previously thought but I'm glad my parents deemed me responsible enough for this task. This is the reason for my absence from my blog. Then my uncle (my mom's brother) passed away from cancer last week. Add to that the holidays and the continuing saga of raising a child with a cleft and my life is more than full. My GS now has been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and will have to sleep with a C-Pap once the issues with the insurance companies are worked out. He doesn't even sleep the night in one bed so I don't see how we are going to do this, but where there is a will there is a way and the Lord will help us find a way.

I've got one freebie project mostly done except for the preview and a second one that I'm working on off and on. I'm also loving my job as Amanda Thorderson and DeDe Smith's CT as well as Digitals store CT.

At Digitals this month I had the luck of working with an awesome designer, Shawn Walters. I chose two of her kits to work with this month - Misty Autumn Grandeur and Cameron's Classic Charm - The Chocolate Collection. Both are awesome kits. Below you will find some of the layouts I made using them. Hope you guys like them and keep coming back to see more.

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