Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've Got An Award and I'm on a CT

First I've got to tell you I'm on Bits N Bobs Creative Team. Julie's an awesome designer and I feel so honored to be on her team. She sales her designs at United Scrap 4 Taggers and at her blog here.
Now on to the Award. I got this awesome award called the lemonade award..My fellow designer Christina of Blue Velvet DeZigns gave it to me.Thanks Christina for my very first award! So I have found 10 worthy blogs to give it to so we can keep it going....

here is how it works

1. Put the logo on your blog or post. (Right click on the logo at left and save to your own computer.)

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!

3. Link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.


LilyBelle said...

Hi Joni, Thanks so much for giving me the Lemonade Award. I really do appreciate it BUT, as I have told several others in the past, I cannot comply with the conditions of acceptance. I'm really not a blog-hopper so wouldn't know 10 people to give the award to. However, now that I have visited your blog, I will certainly add Moo's Scrap World to my blog roll. Sorry to be a killjoy!

Twisted Scrapper said...

Thank you so very much for including me :)

Tricia said...

Joni, thank you so much for giving me my first award! And I've continued the love with 10 deserving blogs!