Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Years

I know it's a little bit late but I've been stressing over my New Years Resolutions to create one layout per day (that's 365 this year) as well as scrap a pic a day, journal everyday, create at least one kit a month for you guys and at least one freebie per week. I'm starting a class on digital design later this month so maybe my kits will start improving. It is my sincere desire to become a full fledged designer by this time next year but it's a goal for the future - not one that has a deadline. Anyway about Resolutions, here's my top 10 in no particular order.

1) To scrap 365 layouts this year.

2) To blog at least twice a week.

3) To take at least one pic a day and journal that pic everyday.

4) To join at least one blog train a month - so I will create at least one kit/mini kit each month for you guys.

5) To produce at least one freebie a week for the blog.

6) To become debt free.

7) To go on another Cruise.

8) To lose 50 lbs.
9) To spend more quality time with my family.

10) To call a friend at least once a day and visit a friend at least twice a month.

I'm asking that you guys help keep me accountable with this. As part of creating one kit a month/joining one blog train per month, I've joined Twisted Convoys and will be uploading a Winter Convoy kit later month as well as a Valentine's Convoy. I'll keep you updated on these.
And here's a few layout's I've been working on since Christmas.

This was the last Christmas we spent with my grandparents on my mom's side. Although this is not the pic I wanted, it was all I had on my computer (scanner on the fritz). Papa is standing. Mama is in the blue. Aunt in middle. Journaling: Christmas 2005 was special to me because it was the last Christmas I would spend with both of my Grandparents. My Mama Lannie and Papa Horace were Special people and embodied the true meaning of Love for me. They were married for 74 years at their death and I believe my Papa loved my Mama more with each passing day. For as long as I can remember he brought her flowers every day, even if they were just wild flowers he found growing somewhere on the farm. When she got sick, he stood by her side everyday, even after he was diagnosed with cancer and the pain was more than most people could have stood. That last Christmas, we shared together as a family with all the siblings and cousins will by cherished in my heart forever. Papa passed away the following December 21 and Mama joined him in Heaven 7 days later. In the 74 years they had been together they had never been apart for more than 7 days and they would not be in death either. Amanda Thorderson Bordeaux Xmas paper and ribbon, Shawn Walters Taryn crystal heart (re-colored) - both available at Digitals and Digital Artist Guild December Member kit.

My grandson had been so good about not messing with the gifts until Christmas Eve. He just couldn't stand it any more and found his rubber boots in a gift bag under the tree and opened them. After that the neighbors brought him a present over and he was in heaven. He was so excited about getting open his gift. Nini's Notions AITF kit - available through Digitals.

What started out as a sketch challenge got flipped every which way to get this layout. I wanted to try some elements that looked real and thought this sketch was the perfect starting point. Pic is of Bryce the first time we turned the lights on the Christmas tree before any ornaments were put on. Credits go to Maddy Fernadez's Home for the Holiday kit (poinsettia paper, stardust, ribbon, card, ornaments) - available at Digitals, the Waterlo Project, and myself. This is my favorite one this Christmas.

Glenda's Wordart (I cut it up a bit to make it fit the ATC better and added some glitter), Amanda Thorderson's Christmas Cracker paper, Dede Smith's Nativity TearZ - all available at Digitals.
Pic of grandson getting ready to go to school one morning. Credits go to Amanda Thorderson's Falling into School - available at Digitals.
Pic of my daughter at 12 months.Credits go to Amanda Thorderson Nanny Garden - available at Digitals

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