Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CT Layouts with Lifesong Kreations kits

Over the past couple of weeks I've been struggling with my scrapping mojo. I had a project in mind that I wanted to do - a tribute book for my mom who is battling cancer - but no ideas would come. I would start a page and tear it up as nothing seems to do justice to the most important lady in my life. My mom is my best friend, my confidant, my hero, my inspiration,...the list goes on and on. When I was given Karla to work with this month and I went to her store I knew it was fate. There staring at me were two kits, Holding onto Hope and Mom's Beauty - what two kits could be more fitting for a tribute album. And so this project was born. I'm planning to give it to her on Mother's Day so I've got a few more weeks to get it perfect and to get my daughter to write something for the book along with the sneaking around to find pictures. But for now I will share the four pages I have finished so far.

The first LO pic was taken on her first night home after having surgery to remove the tumor. Although she had just learned that she would have to undergo more chemo and a stronger dose than before. She was more than concerned with our needs than her own need for rest and sat up with us for quite a while during supper and after.
This LO and the second one - Proverb 31 Mother - are made with Lifesong Kreations Mom's Beauty kit. I love the greens and purples in this this kit. The flowers are simply beautiful as well as all the vintage elements. Mom loves flowers so this is the perfect kit for her. I'm mixing before and after pics in the so we can see the changes over the years and most importantly since her diagnosis as to me her true strenght and beauty can only be seen now. You can grab this kit here.

The second kit is also by Lifesong Kreations and is called Holding Onto Hope.

As I said this kit was perfect, the name was perfect, the colors were perfect. The elements were perfect. Like I said it was fate that put us together this month. When scanning over the elements I say this journaling tag "In God I put my Hope." That said it all. My mom has put all her hope in God's healing hands and she has faith that he will heal her. Even after the news of more chemo she continued to hold onto her faith in God and his ability to keep her going. And going she is doing. During the last warm weekend we had, she had my dad and GS out pulling weeds in her flower beds. She even crawled down there and pulled a few herself. Thats some even my old knees no longer allow.
She loves her flowers and even sick she is determined to make sure the are perfect.
And she takes such pride in them. My Papa used to call my Grandmother his perfect flower and I'm beginning to look at my mom that way too. You know it's funny but I never thought of beauty in strenght, stubbornness, and downright hard headiness but when I look at her I do. Although she has good days and bad days and sometimes doesn't even feel like getting out of bed, she will do anything for us. Her main concern is us and that's what makes her the perfect mother, at least to us. Thank you mom for all you do. You are my inspiration and I pray for your healing and that you will be around for many days to come. God truly blessed me when he gave you to me as my mom. I love you.
Remember to snag Holding Onto Hope at Digitals.

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Elaine said...

Your pages are beautiful!! Your bbok will be wonderful for your Mother. My thoughts & prayers are with your Mother, you & your family. Elaine