Monday, April 6, 2009

The S. GA Flood of 2009

Last week but if you haven't heard the south has been in the midst of terrible storms. It started the last weekend of March with 6 inches of rain over Saturday and Sunday, then stopped only to come back with a vengeance on Tues of last week. It started raining Tuesday night around 7PM and continued on throughout Wednesday and Thursday, with rains of 8-10 inches, hail, lightening, winds 50+ mph and even one tornado near my home. I live in a subdivision on a lake and it rained so much that several of my neighbors houses were flooded. We had to sandbag our garage because of the run off from the road but we're high enough up the lake didn't come in the house, just my back yard. I had to sand bag my office too but luckily, the
water came up all around it (up about a foot on the outside walls) but never came under the door. Early Friday morning a decision was made to break the dam of the main lake (which I'm on) in the back as the spill way couldn't handle the amount of water and in hopes of saving the rest of the homes. So around 6AM they broke the dam. The rain stopped Friday morning and by lunch they had the roads back open so we could get out. It dried out Friday afternoon and Saturday but the storms came back Sunday. These only dropped about 1/2 inch of rain but it was alot stronger than the other two storms. This is the storm with the tornado in it. And now instead of my beautiful view of the lake out my back window, I have a huge mud bog. I know this is nothing compared to the floods in the midwest but it's big here. During the storm more than 80% of the roads were close because they were inpassible.
Needless to say I've had lights and Internet more off than on over the weekend and couldn't do much work on scrapbooking stuff.
Add to that we had to put my mom back in the hospital and I knocked myself out Saturday with a glass my daughter got on a cruise last year. I know it's sounds really stupid but I was in the top of the fridge trying to get some ice out for supper and shook the ice tray and the glass came rolling off, hit me across my nose and eye, busted my nose, blacked my eye and knocked me out. I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened to me so I'm running around with a black eye and a bad cut across the top of my nose now.
Anyway, I'm back, mom's home, got lights and Internet and thought I would share a few pic or too.
The first pic is the view from my office.
The second pic is a local Elementary School playground.
The third pic is of one of my neighbor's yard.
The final pic is where they broke the dam in the back of the lake. The day before it looked like a rapid. There's a 30ft break in the dam.
Sorry the quality of pics isn't good but you can see all the water.

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Phillis H said...

Hi Joni! So sorry to hear about your weather woes. Keep your chin up - especially above the water line!!! Thanks for all your wonderful kits - I'm a big fan!!