Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo Editing Class Shares

Sorry I've been MIA most of the weekend with the exception of checking a few emails here and there. Last Thursday, my dad had minor surgery. My Aunt and Uncle took him to the hospital, so I could stay with my mom. Since his surgery ended up being so late in the day and we live 3 hours from the hospital the surgery was done in, the drs decided to keep him overnight. So I ended up babysitting their 3 children ranging in age from 11 to 6 along with my 2 y/o GS. They had a blast but needless to say scrapping was out of the question. As for dad, he's doing great, went back to work on Saturday.

Friday night, I thought I might get to scrap some but my DD came home sick. Fever, pains in chest, coughing, sore throat. I figured the flu or some kind of URI and when she wasn't any better Saturday morning. I loaded this big baby up and carted her off to the walk-in clinic. When we got there, she started throwing up, so they said it was a virus, gave her sometime for nausea and sent her home. Whatever it was, she was fine today, so it must have worked it's way out of her body but by Sunday, I was feeling sick on my stomach, running a fever and had that bluh feeling. So it was a no scrap weekend. My farm on FB has even died. LOL.

Well, I went to work today even through I still feel pretty rough and finally got enough energy to get caught up on the classes I've been taking on photo editing.

So you guys are in for several shares tonight.

This pic is from Day 3, followed by Day 3 Bonus lesson with the addition of some starry brushes. I added some sparkle around the edges and a twinkle in his eyes.
Original pic above/ edited pics below

Day 4 dealt with clipping mask. I brightened the colors in this pic by playing with the hues and saturation, then added the clipping mask. Original pic on top/edited pic below
Day 5 brought textures to the mix. I chose a picture that I've been wanting to scrap but didn't think the quality was good enough. Changed the pic to b/w, added some texture layers and came up with this.
original pic above/edited pic below

Next they asked us to all a frame with a brush that was provided so I took a stock pic I had, added the textures and frame and this is the end result. I'm not really happy with it.
I was so happy with the way this one turned out.

It was the Day 5 bonus project. I took my original Day 5 picture added a clipping mask and some brushes and this is was the end result. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Day 6 was TTV. What's a TTV, I can't explain it as it's a photography tech but the fake TTV textures and overlays are awesome. The project today was to take picture, used a combination of effects learned and add the TTV texture. I took a picture faded out the color by playing with the hue and saturation until I got the look I wanted. I hand painted my DD lips and the flower in a soft light blend mode. I then added the TTV which created a rounded corner frame look. Popped in some wordart and this was the end result.

original pic above/ edited pic below
Day 7 was a test to see how much we had learned and Day 8 was about adding text to pictures. So I grabbed a pic, added a texture and added the type. I think it looks great. original pic above/edited pic below
Now all I've got to do is scrap these pics tomorrow.

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