Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cleft Awareness and It's Importance to Me

My post yesterday told you September was Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Month. But what it didn't tell you is way this charity is so important to me. Well, meet Bryce, my heart and soul and my 4 y/o grandson. Bryce was born with a cleft lip and palate but to meet him now you would never know it. He's perfect in every way to me. But starting out, it was pretty rough, especially that first week before we got him to the Cleft Clinic at Children's Hospital at Scottish Rite in Atlanta. His lip and palate prevented him from nursing or taking a bottle and feeding him was a 24/7 job with little sleep. The wonderful doctors and their staff at the clinic were able to fix him up with an awesome bottle which ended his feeding issues and within a few months they gave him a new smile. He's had 2 reconstructive surgeries and 3 others for tubes and fix other cleft related issues. He still has other surgeries in his future, along with speech therapy, braces and who knows but the hard part is over. But for other children around the world, especially in underdeveloped countries, children go through most of their childhood waiting for the same surgery Bryce has when he was 4 months old. Many never receive it. This is where Operation Smile comes in. Bryce's doctor is one of many volunteer doctors who travel around the world donating their time and talents giving children with clefts and other facials deformities new smiles. For more information on Operation Smile and how you can help, check out Bryce's Smile Page or purchases Child's Play - An Operation Smile Charity Collab. All proceeds from the sale of this kit go directly to Operation Smile.
392 MG - 6 Designers - 57 BG papers - 200+ elements FULL SIZE PU Kit (All papers 12x12 300dpi)
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