Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 It's Customer Appreciation Days Berry Sweet Scraps. We will be having all kinds of fun and games, give aways, RAKS, Sales, Red Door items, you name it. The entire store is 30% off this week. So be sure to check out my store. We also have a group of mini kits that coordinate so you can design your very own kit. These are the four mini's I've added and they are all on sale for just $1.

 And while you are at Berry Sweet Scraps check out the fun in the forum this week. I'm hosting two fun games with giveaways, Moo's Make a Wish and Moo's I Spy Challenge.

My Make a Wish game is super simple. Want to get one of my kits for free???? It's easy go to my store and pick out what you would like to have. Come back to this thread in the forum, post a picture of the kit and the link and start crossing your fingers and toes. I will be picking random winners off and on during the week to get their wishes filled. So starting wishing.

My I Spy Challenge is a little more difficult but everyone who plays wins here.  Ever play the game I Spy as a child? As a grandparent, I still get to play the game quiet often with my little man. We have lots of giggles and belly laughs over his little games and need to win.

So I was thinking how about an I Spy game at BSS, in the store, gallery, and forum....To make it a little easier I will tell you which area I'm looking at like gallery, whose store, etc. Some items I'm looking for may be your introduction in the forum or where you've introduced yourself to someone else. All easy task (remember I'm used to playing this with a 5 y/o so my clues are easy).

At the end of the game, pm me a list of your answers with links and you received a coupon for $5 off a $10 purchase from my store. The first three to finish will also get a kit of their choice free from my store. Have fun and enjoy.

Here's my list of I Spy items....

1) I'm looking in my store and spying some that could give a little fright when these little creature come knocking at your door at night.
2) This Mega kit in colors bright as spring is sure to lift your spirits and make your thing of joyful things.
3) I come around each fall and mark the end of summer bliss for children, tweens, and teens as they head off to me again. This bright by Jiovanna will be a hit to scrap your little one's LO as off to here they go lickedy split.
4)I'm a email that you can't miss, I'll tell you the sales, new kits, freebies you can get.
5) I'm another place to find the news. I'll give you freebies and tuts too. If inspiration is what you wish, just check in on me and I'll give you, all that you wish.
6) If inspiration is something you need, then come visit me. My pages and pages are sure to please. When you find me, here's all I ask. Comment on five and send the links in with the rest.
7) In the forum you will find me. I'm filled with challenges for you to best. Check them all out and finish just one. Send me the link to your layout and forum post and you are done.
8) I'm the place in the forum to say hello. Introduce yourself here and say hi to 3 more. Send me your links and you are through.
9) I'm spying a thread in the forum again. One where sweetness abound and treats are left to be found. Find them forum and you will get special treat left by Designers and others for you to get. Send me the link to this area and enjoy the sweetness that you found.
10) I'm the last item on the list to spy. You will find me in the gallery and I come in all kinds of designs. Place one or more of me in your siggy and show the world you are a fan. Send me the link to where you found it.

Bonus: This one is not require to get your prize but if you like the BSS FB Fan page, my FB Fan page and sign up for my newsletter, you will get a freebie from all three.

Hope to see you there.

Hugs and Happy Scrappin'

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